Melissa (sweetlovexoxo) wrote in totally_silly,



Name:Melissa Rosemarie but people call me melly
State (not required):Ohio
Favorite Activity:Prolly shopping or sports i like jumping on my trampile to lol
Best Article of Clothing:A hat cause its an accerious and an article of clothing all in one and it cans ay silly stuff
Compliment the mods:I think its really cool they made a community were you can be tottally silly :-P
Do you laugh every day? try every hour
Have you ever done anything silly in public?:Yeah
If so, what?:i went to some random person and was like your hott in a real low vpice and stuff and i went on and on me and my friends thought it was hilarious cause it was an older man
Favorite Song:hmm thats a tough one prolly cool by gwen stefani
Favorite CD:Relient K, mmmmmhmmmmm
Give 3 silly suggestions for our interest list:
Favorite color:Green
If you could change the color of the sky, what color would you choose?:Green because it energetic and calming at the same time :-P
Do you have any siblings?:Yes 1 my annoying brother!
3 Favorite Movies:Mean Girls, The Notebook, 13 going on 30
Name something that everyone says about you:Im fun to be around!
Is smartwater delicious?:huh?
Promote us to at least 2 places, and show us links:Ill give you the links at the bottom
Why do you want to join totally_silly?:Beause its totally silly and gooofyyy and wild!
Post at least 3 clear pictures of yourself, 2 of which should be SILLY! :-D!!!

















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