erin (___musical) wrote in totally_silly,

Hmm... so anyone have any ideas of things we can do with this community?

I mean, we're all silly people here, anyone have any ideas?
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have a fun dance, and then eat some popcorn,then we could YELL REAL LOUD ONLINE! :-D
i dont know... but grady is like never on.. so i dont know if this community is going to survive.... =/

which sucks.. but we cant add people to the community without grady checking her mail.. and she like.. doesnt. So.. =/ i dont know, but it makes me sad.

I'm submitting my application as a comment because I don't know how to update this thing..I'm so confused..but TOTALY SILLY

Name:Meredith Anne-Marie
State (not required):MAINE!
Favorite Activity:being hot
Best Article of Clothing:knee sockss!
Compliment the mods:Grady is my TWIN Chelsea is HOT and Erin is good in bed
Do you laugh every day?:heck yes I do!
Have you ever done anything silly in public?: I ran around the mall with a bride sash on and a vail
If so, what?: oh haha I just did that
Favorite Song: ahhh I can't decide
Favorite CD: umm...currently its RENT
Give 3 silly suggestions for our interest list: Being in love with Meredith........eating cheese.....and......being amazing
Favorite color: GREEEEEEN! and pink...WICKEDDD
If you could change the color of the sky, what color would you choose?:umm pink!
Do you have any siblings?:yesss
Single?: yesss :-(
3 Favorite Movies: Big Fish, Dirty dancing:Havana nights, and....AHH SO club
Name something that everyone says about you: "your CRAZY!"
Is smartwater delicious?: I haven't had it :-O
Promote us to at least 2 places, and show us links: and type in SALAD FINGERS into google and watch the cartoon
Why do you want to join totally_silly?: because the mods are sexy and I want them

oh go to and sign in with password: Meredith and you'll find like 493279032075 amazingly silly pictures of me

even though our community is dying =(!

haha meredith you ARE totally silly! 'promote us to at least 2 places' means, put a link to totally silly somewhere, not 'here are some fun places you should go.'
although i have to admit, those are some pretty fabulous websites!